Monday, 8 August 2011

GA from

urm..pagi-pagi masuk ofis terus online..

bukak je craft zone, nmpk ade GA..
check mcm menarik..wah terus join gitu~

so, utk sesiapa yg nk join, bley klik terus gmbr cookies tu~

kalo menang bley dpt cookies ni!!

ni petikan syarat2 dari
  1. Be a fan of our Facebook page and/or follow our blog !
  2. From our Facebook page, please share one of the photos of this cookie jar with a short description about our giveaway and tag us ( and/or have this giveaway posted on your blog.
  3. Leave your comment with your contact details (name and email) here at this giveaway entry together with the shared Facebook / blog link(s).
  4. The closing date of this giveaway is on 07 September 2011 !
so...tunggu ape lagi..
jom join ramai-ramai...daa~

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